Fresh is BEST

The healthiest diets are minimally processed, made with local, all-natural human grade ingredients & formulated by professionals


iStock_000003154555Small‘You are what you eat’, ‘Garbage in garbage out’ – which ever cliché you prefer, a cliché is a cliché because it is true. Diet is the foundation of health, and whether it’s in our lives or our pets, ‘fresh & local’ choice is always the best choice.  At FreshRx, our nutritional philosophy is that dogs and cats thrive on a diet of gently cooked, whole foods that combines home-cooking with science based nutrition. FreshRx is a veterinary exclusive maintenance diet that is perfect for dogs with common food sensitivities and pet parents who are looking for a fresh diet that mirrors their own values that a less processed diet is what’s best for their ‘whole’ family.  FreshRx is the “best without the mess” of a homemade diet.




  1. Canadian made
  2. Human grade ingredients
  3. Simply thaw and serve
  4. Gently cooked to preserve bioavailability of nutrients
  5. Frozen to extend shelf life
  6. Single serving packaging
  7. Ingredients sourced and inspected in Canada



More fruit mommyAt FreshRx, all of our recipes start with fresh, pure cuts of CFIA inspected human grade meat. In fact, all of our ingredients are human grade, and sourced here in Canada.  Our meats are then paired with legumes, fruits, vegetables, added fibre, vitamins and minerals to create a complete and balanced diet. We use no meat meals, no fish meals, and no by-products in any of our recipes.  Our recipes contain no corn, no grain, no wheat, no soy, and no gluten!




Why FreshRx Over Conventional Pet Food?

Eating-Fruit-LoopsOur belief is maximum health requires a minimum consumption (or an elimination) of highly preserved, hyper-processed foods.  If you were to ask Mother Nature, she would say that fresh food is food that spoils ‘naturally’.  By this definition, it is easy to recognize a fresh pet food from a hyper processed one. The test: leave conventional dry dog on a counter, for a day, a week, a month… will anything change? Will it spoil? FreshRx is an all-natural whole food diet that uses no preservatives yet leverages freezing to lock in freshness without spoiling. Freezing provides added convenience and assures that artificial preservatives are not needed. FreshRx is conveniently packaged in single serve patties, so no cutting or scooping is required. Simply thaw and serve. Our protein based diets are perfectly formulated and balanced to meet your pet’s biological needs and favour a lean body mass. FreshRx diets are designed to support a healthy gastrointestinal environment, regulate blood sugar, encourage weight loss, promote proper anal gland function, and help decrease the rate of colorectal cancer.





The Fresh Benefits ‘Inside & Out’

Boy playing with husky puppySkin and hair is generally a leading indicator of what’s happening inside your pet’s body. FreshRx can turn around a lack lustre coat, dry flakey skin, watery eyes and brittle nails, and even promote better oral health! Shiny coats, healthy skin, bright eyes, strong nails, and less tartar build-up, are all added benefits of switching to FreshRx. As well, FreshRx is formulated with pre and probiotics that help in stool odour and help prevent grass discoloration from urine. Dogs and cats love the taste of fresh food and their enthusiasm shows.





Proof is in the Poop

dog doing his ablutions in park finaleA good way to know if your pet is healthy is by looking at the poop! Considering we have no corn, grain, wheat or soy to create a solid poop like most kibble diets, our poops are exceptionally formed! We only provide the best nutrients that the dog actually wants to use, instead of just push through the body, so our poops are quite small, not very smelly, and biodegrade much more quickly in the yard! Not only is FreshRx formulated with pre and probiotics to encourage excellent gut health, we have added fibers to help regulate blood sugar, encourage weight loss, promote proper anal gland function, and help decrease the rate of colorectal cancer. FreshRx is a nutrient dense food patty. This allows you to feed a smaller volume of nutrient packed food compared to conventional pet food that contains “fillers”, and this means your pet will create smaller, efficient poops!








Pet Parent Benefits

Boy with full basket of mashrooms on the forest gladeFreshRx has taken the goodness of home cooking, and made it easy, convenient, and mess free for pet parents! FreshRx patties come individually wrapped, allowing you to thaw only what you need! Simply thaw the patty in the fridge, a bath of warm water, or the microwave, and serve! There is no mess and because FreshRx is a gently cooked diet, it is safe for young children to handle and feed.