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freezerWhy Fresh Rx?

Cheerful family and their domestic animals at home.Diet is the foundation of health. Both dogs and cats are designed by nature to consume, digest and assimilate the nutrients that occur naturally in fresh, minimally processed food. “Like us, our pets are what they eat.” As more people move to better ingredients and less processed foods for themselves and their families, they are making the same choices for their companion animals. Fresh Rx only uses Canadian sourced meats, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Fresh Rx has its very own modern, open-concept kitchen in Aurora, Ontario designed for those who ask, “What’s in my food and how is it produced?” As a ‘boutique’ manufacturer, Fresh Rx does not use commodity ingredients from suppliers or brokers they don’t know and never meet.

Instead they focus on ingredients raised locally and delivered fresh to their door. Fresh Rx maintains extremely high standards of excellence and takes great pride, passion and responsibility for producing a new category of wholesome, real food that combines ‘home-cooked love’ with rigorous science based nutrition. Fresh Rx represents the ‘next generation’ of food for pets positioned for the new generation of discriminating pet parents who will never compromise on their pet’s diet and health.


Why Fresh Frozen Food?

single pattyMany Pet Owners are looking for alternatives to “kibble” and earnestly desire to feed their pet only the best and freshest ingredients available. Since fresh foods spoil, the best method to preserve and extend the shelf life is by using nature’s paws/pause button: freezing. Fresh Rx is the ‘Best without the Mess’ of homemade diets. Also, fresh foods taste better and are more easily digested and processed. FreshRx fresh frozen daily maintenance foods have low glycemic ingredients for healthy weight management. Each Fresh Rx patty contains a “heart shaped” core in the middle. This core is packed with additional prebiotics to support immunity and gut health. FreshRx is NOT a raw diet. All meats are “gently” cooked to the minimum temperature requirements outlined by Health Canada to kill E. coli and Salmonella. This is done in order to eliminate the risk of pathogen contamination which can result from handling and feeding raw diets.

The result – FreshRx is a diet that is safe and convenient to handle for the whole family.

FreshRx provides a whole food / science based daily maintenance diet for pet parents desiring to feed fresh food.

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