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The cost of using human grade Canadian ingredients is an investment worth making



Source of Ingredients

iStock_000009431549SmallAll of our fresh food ingredients are human grade, and are sourced here in Canada. As pet parents ourselves, we remember all the pet food recalls, melamine panics, and chicken jerky scares. We will not stand for mediocre ingredients and products. We use only the freshest, safest, high quality ingredients for you and your pet. Dogs are immediately hooked when they taste our natural food ingredients. Here at Buddy’s Kitchen, we believe “If we can’t eat it, we don’t feed it”, setting us far above our competition. Do you trust your dog’s food or treats enough to eat it yourself? You can now!

Buddy’s Kitchen understands that many of today’s modern dogs are sensitive to common, overused ingredients in mainstream pet products. We provide solutions for sensitive pups with grain free, wheat free, corn free and soy free varieties of our food, treats, and dental chews.

Our Fresh Foods are an exceptionally advanced diet for today’s modern pet. The gentle cooking process of the meat unleashes flavors that dog’s go crazy for. Pet parents are equally ecstatic by the renewed passion they see in their dog during mealtime. As many “foodies” know, it’s a science to make a healthy and delicious meal, but for dogs, we have mastered it. Our fresh food recipes have very tangible health benefits of fresh whole foods, just as they would in a human diet.

SONY DSCThe number of pet parent’s home cooking for their pets continues to grow. With properly fortified raw meat diets, dogs and cats can thrive on their ancestor’s diet. However, there are also many dogs and cats who have been so far domesticated from their wild ancestors and cannot handle raw diets. What do you offer a dog that does not do well on a raw diet? Our fresh recipes are for today’s pet parent who feeds their family; humans and pets; fresh food ingredients. Our ingredients in all of our recipes are always human grade, and only ever sourced in Canada, never overseas. Our fresh recipes bring multiple benefits to pets:

  1. Bioavailable protein – High temperatures and extreme processing in conventional pet foods, denatures the proteins into a form that the body struggles to use readily. Fresh, gently cooked food gives superior available protein levels.
  2. Standardization and consistency: scientifically formulated recipes prepared in small batches by humans, not machines.
  3. No by-products. No meat meals.
  4. #1 in Safety – All batches tested and cleared of Salmonella and E. coli O157:H7
  5. Antioxidants that promote good health and longevity.
  6. Added digestive enzymes, and pre & probiotics to promote digestion and gastrointestinal health! The proof is in the poop!
  7. System Cleansing Fibres: Just like people, keeping the system clean and free from ‘evil invaders’ plays a huge part in good gut health.

Plus, our fresh food recipes offer…

  1. Grain Free
  2. Corn Free
  3. Soy FreeiStock_000030355546Small
  4. Gluten Free
  5. Lactose Free
  6. No Artificial Flavours
  7. Bone Free
  8. Low antigens
  9. Ingredients sourced in Canada
  10. Ontario made
  11. Green packaging
  12. Convenience



Fresh is BEST

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