Our Story

Your pet’s food starts with our passion to do something that ‘matters’ each and every day


How we started

UnknownIn October 2011, Buddy’s Kitchen™ introduced a line of Fresh food for pets, and since then, we have seen exponential interest in pet parents seeking out this type of thaw and serve product.  FreshRx is a next-in-class diet that combines artisan cooking of fresh local ingredients with modern science. Our objective is to raise the bar from conventional, hyper-processed pet foods. Diet is the foundation of health, and whether it’s in our lives or our pets, a fresh choice is always the best choice.

Our fresh recipes always start with pure cuts of human grade chicken, beef or salmon that have been sourced here in Canada.  Unlike conventional kibbles, our fresh recipes contain no grain, corn, wheat or soy, no harsh preservatives and no animal by-products. Both dogs and cats are designed by nature to consume, digest and assimilate the nutrients that occur naturally in fresh, minimally processed food. As more people move to better ingredients and less processed foods for themselves and their families, they are making the same choices for their companion animals.

In an industry with too much ‘telling’ and not enough ‘showing’, our fresh food is manufactured in a modern production ‘kitchen’’. The open concept architecture is uniquely designed to provide transparency, and allow people to see our production during tours of the facility.  Honesty is a key ingredient to what makes us so unique. We understand a pet parents trust is bestowed on us to create a safe, healthy, and delicious product., and this is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. Here at Buddy’s Kitchen, our motto is: Your Pet. Our Family.

DSC_1276Visitors are always welcome to Buddy’s Kitchen and can walk through two public viewing areas and are welcomed to visit and interact with our team. The reaction from pet parents is both joy and relief that there is finally a food option that reflects their personal preferences, values and ideals in a convenient, safe and economical format.

Rather than relying on fancy commercials or slick brochures, a video showing our production process from A to Z is available to watch. We hide nothing when producing fresh food for pets, especially the fresh meat cuts that are used.

The history of the pet food industry has taught us that radical change is needed. To duplicate the current manufacturing and ingredient choices of mainstream conventional dog food and expect different results would be the classic definition of insanity. Our fresh food was founded not to repeat history but to charter its own path as a new generation of company, producing the next generation of food for dogs. Always Natural, Always Delicious, Always Canadian.


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