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Pet food confusion reigns supreme. Veterinarians represent a trusted & professional voice to make sense of it all


Veterinarians – A Critical Resource in Your Pet’s Health

VeterinarianWith so many of today’s health issues stemming from poor and inadequate daily maintenance diets, FreshRx is a ‘next generation’ food that supports your veterinarian’s mission and fulfills personal values of feeding your ‘whole’ family minimally processed, local fresh food. Fresh Rx mirrors the values of discriminating pet parents who want to feed the very best food coupled with the confidence of veterinary due diligence and input.

For the first time in Canada, veterinarians can recommend and supply an everyday maintenance  food that exceeds any of the foods sold by pet specialty. No other professional has as much invested in optimizing your pet’s health than your veterinarian. Your veterinarian’s recommendation is not motivated by a marketing company but by maximizing your pet’s health with professionalism and ethics.

FreshRx will never be sold in pet stores or grocery stores. The front line of optimized animal health starts with veterinarians. Their passion and commitment is to insure your pet thrives not simply ‘survives’ and that starts with loving pet parents and the best daily maintenance food that fits your pets individual needs.


Petfood-Industry-June-2012-CoverOur Kitchen To Your Kitchen.

FreshRx is made exclusively in Buddy’s Kitchen, located in Aurora, Ontario by a team of passionate experts with over 75 years of food, nutrition and animal health experience. FreshRx is the first daily maintenance food to combine home-cooking style with cutting edge science based nutrition.

To gain the trust of veterinarians along with the confidence of discriminating pet parents, every aspect of FreshRx is controlled under the same roof in Aurora, Ontario. This way, we control and perform every facet of production from sourcing and picking the ingredients, to preparation and  cooking and finally packaging and QC.

What is hugely important to know is that quality is never outsourced. We, the professionals at Buddy’s Kitchen, are the formulators and manufacturers of FreshRx. We own the kitchen that makes FreshRx so you can have confidence in the knowledge of where your pet’s food is made. We would never allow FreshRx to be made anywhere else.


Transparency is a Key Ingredient

searching dog with magnifying glassA pet food industry secret, that most pet parent’s don’t know, is that many of today’s super premium, holistic pet food brands are owned by marketing companies that make nothing. These are brands created by marketing companies that don’t have ownership in the production and QC process. These companies rarely if ever tell their customers that they’re not really making the food themselves. Where is the transparency in this? Buddy’s Kitchen owns the whole production process and implements a rigorous system of traceability and transparency unlike any other conventional pet food company today.

FreshRx goes from our kitchen to yours with full knowledge of where your pet’s food is made, where the ingredients are sourced and who the professionals are making it – you deserve nothing less as a pet parent.




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FreshRx is a veterinary exclusive diet, vetted and sold exclusively by your veterinarian. FreshRx is NOT sold in grocery stores, online or in pet stores.

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